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a black widow spider on its web near leaves

Are The Spiders In Holly Springs, NC Dangerous?

October 15, 2021

If you were put in a room and given a choice between 10 different spiders, would you be able to pick out which one is not dangerous? Would you then be confident enough with your choice to let it crawl on you? Most people do not have the knowledge to identify dangerous spiders.... Read More

a cocckroach in Holly Spring north carolina

The Problems Cockroaches Bring To Your Holly Springs Home

July 15, 2021

Were pest problems a normal occurrence in your childhood home? If so, how did your parents deal with them? As nice as it is to not have to worry about invasive pests, there is one creature in our area that you should be concerned about. Learn about the problems cockroaches cause and find a solution for your Holly Springs home.... Read More