Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of My Holly Springs Home?

February 11, 2021

There are few things in life as frustrating as dealing with a mouse infestation. There is just something about these furry little creatures that take the word "pest" to the next level. Maybe it is how they chew holes through walls or the noise they make at all hours of the night; mice are just straight up horrible. If you are losing your sanity trying to get mice out of your Holly Springs home, we are here to help.

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The Reason Mice Invade Homes

Mice are one of a few wild creatures that do not prefer to live outside in the wild. They are small, susceptible to predator attacks, and not equipped to handle the elements as well as other animals. The two things mice are good at are reproducing and invading homes. Most people don't consider how much protection their home affords, especially to small and weak prey animals like mice. Your walls provide these furry pests with places to hide, your heating and cooling system keeps them from freezing and overheating, and your pantries and faucets keep them well-fed and hydrated.

There is nothing about your home that isn't appealing to mice, that is, except for you. The one thing mice do not like about living indoors is sharing "their" living areas with humans. To avoid interactions with the large bi-pedal creatures that might mean them harm, mice hide during the day and only come out at night when the coast is clear. You are more likely to hear these pests than see one for yourself.

The Threats Mice Pose

Wild mice are a whole lot less cuddly than pet mice. If you see one of these furry pests crawling around inside your home, do not try to pick it up. Mice often carry dangerous diseases both on and inside their bodies. You are most likely to contract one of these diseases by interacting with the fecal matter and urine these pests leave around homes. You may also get sick from the parasites such as fleas and ticks that mice carry. These smaller blood-feeding pests are their own sickness vectors and spread illnesses such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and murine typhus.

Why Mice Are Easier To Prevent

Once mice establish themselves inside a home, they become incredibly difficult to deal with. To make sure you never get to this point, here are some practical and effective prevention tips every Holly Springs resident should know.

  • Use a caulk and some steel wool to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks around your home's exterior foundation.
  • Have your home's gutters cleaned and repaired if needed.
  • Fix spigots, pipes, and fixtures in and around your house.
  • Reduce clutter and eliminate debris around your yard.
  • Avoid feeding your pets outdoors and clean out their bowls after every meal.
  • Thoroughly clean your living areas once a week.
  • Install door sweeps under all doors leading out of your home.
  • Repair broken window and door screens.

The Fast Way To Handle Mice

If mice are causing you trouble inside your Holly Springs home, you have two options. The first is to place traps and pray for the best. Traps sometimes work but are rarely successful with larger infestations of these pests. Our recommendation is to trust your home's care into the hands of a professional, specifically the professionals at Ready Pest Solutions.

Give us a call today to find out more about our comprehensive rodent control and schedule your home for a service visit. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control solutions.

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