The Safe Way To Get Rid Of A Rat Problem In Your Holly Springs Home

February 15, 2023

Most homeowners underestimate the importance of having recurrent services for pest control in Holly Springs. Rodents are one of many creatures that it’s easier to avert issues with than it is to tackle them after the fact. Rat infestations are especially difficult to handle. These animals can procreate faster than you’ll be able to capture them. It won’t be easy finding them either; they go to the deepest, darkest corners. Until something is done, they could wreck your belongings and cause illness.

Though there are multiple over-the-counter rodent management products available, not all are safe and effective. It’s wise to learn more about this so you can make sound decisions. Get details now on successful rat prevention and eradication. Ready Pest Solutions can help you; our offerings are the best way to get rid of rats.  

a norway rat inside a home

How To Tell If It's Rats Scurrying Around Your House

The following are the hallmarks of a rat problem:

  • Finding black or brown feces with a rod shape and blunt tips  
  • Noticing bite marks on edges, furniture, cables, and other things
  • Discovering greasy swipes on walls
  • Seeing burrows in the yard
  • Rats being out in broad daylight; they are normally active at night

There are different types of rats in the Holly Springs area, but the Norway and roof rat species are the most common. The fur of Norway rats is both brown and black, but their abdominal space is either gray or white. Generally, they are about 15 inches long, including their tails, which are around seven inches. Ground tunnels are their staple. It is possible for them to get into your house through the warrens. Roof rats are about the same length and color, except their bellies are black, gray, or white. They have distinctly large ears and eyes. These animals will leap off of power lines or tree branches and crawl in gaps in the roof.

People who live near a grassy plot or have an unkempt yard should be worried about rodents. These pests congregate around dense vegetation and organic matter. You should also be alarmed if your place has any structural weaknesses. Rodents in Holly Springs will use their teeth to create or stretch foundation holes. While they’re sizable creatures, rats can get through relatively small holes because their bodies are pliable.

The Dangerous Diseases Rats Are Known To Spread 

Rats are a health threat because their hair is full of parasites and bacteria. A lot of the microorganisms on their bodies come from the unsanitary places they sit in, for instance, street gutters and sewers. As you might’ve concluded, this is how they contaminate your food and any surfaces. Moreover, they may leave their germ-filled urine or droppings around. There are several diseases rats carry; trichinosis, salmonellosis, and hantavirus are just three.

Why Do-It-Yourself Rat Control Usually Fails

Many people buy traps to catch rats, but they don’t realize the devices have to be set in certain locations and with specific bait. Only experts know where to position them, and have the tools to access rodent centers. These rodents don’t settle in spots where you can conveniently catch them. In any case, typical retail traps are basic in design and will kill one rat at a time. 

Location is also a factor with commercial pesticides and other chemical agents. These substances aren’t powerful enough for infestations either, though. What they do have the strength for is harming greenery, domestic animals, and people. It’s far safer to contact Holly Springs rodent control professionals. 

The Safe And Effective Way To Remove Rats From Your Home

We at Ready Pest Solutions have sophisticated treatments and equipment to address rats and other rodents. Our experienced technicians will use applications for crevices, entry point seals, perimeter barriers, and more. Guarantees and follow-up visits are an option. Call us today about our Holly Springs home pest control services and receive a free inspection!

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